Giuseppe Di Franco, Presidente e Amministratore Delegato di Atos italia

Atos Italia nasce nel 2013 e da allora è stata protagonista della crescita digitale del Paese. La prime sedi sono a Milano e Roma ma nel 2019 inizia il suo investimento e impegno territoriale nel Sud Italia, capendo la priorità e la sfida per la crescita del Sistema-Paese sui temi dell’innovazione digitale. Oggi Atos Italia conta 5 sedi a Milano, Roma, Napoli, Bologna e Bari, più una sesta in Calabria che sarà inaugurata ad inizio 2023, oltre 1.600 professionisti e collaboratori e una crescita annua del +15% di fatturato.

Pier Paolo Tamma – Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer di Pirelli

Pirelli is investing in Puglia and the digital skills of its youth by opening a new centre for the development of software and digital solutions in Bari. The project was born of a fruitful meeting between the public and private sectors and foresees 50 new hires by 2025 between recent graduates and managers specialized in the development of software, particularly in computer science, software engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart manufacturing. These new professional profiles with be in addition to the approximately 160 people who today work in Pirelli’s digital team in Italy, with the goal of greater internationalization of digital skills in strategic and differentiating areas of the company’s strategy.

Enrico Mangialardo – CEO, Baker Hughes Bari plant

The Baker Hughes plant in Bari (Nuovo Pignone ed), thanks to continuous investments, which in recent years amounted to about 50 million eurosis Baker Hughes’ largest production site in Italy outside of Tuscany, and with its approximately 300 employees it is today a global center of excellence for the design, construction and testing of centrifugal pumps for applications in the energy and industrial sector, also allowing the generation of an armature made up of about 50 companies in the Region for a total value of approximately 50 million euros. Today the technologies produced and developed in Bari are exported all over the world, and also applied to the transport of water, to the sequestration of CO2 and to the production of hydrogen.

Montella of Midsummer – CEO, Italian branch Midsummer

“What persuaded us to invest in the Bari area was first and foremost the visibility, also at an international level, of the industrial area of Bari, which includes over 1000 industrial companies like ours, among which we hope to find potential suppliers and customers. But what convinced us in a definitive way is the network created in Bari between public bodies, universities and the Polytechnic which is fundamental for our innovative development, which involves the construction of an important research and development laboratory “.

Anna Maria Matteo – CIO, OVS Group

The OVS Group started in 2022 the process for accessing the Regional Program Agreement (“Investment aid for Large Enterprises”) for the realization, in Bari, of an investment aimed at creating a technological innovation hub, intended for the implementation of industrial research and experimental development projects relating to the areas of digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cyber security in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Bari, and a multifunctional logistics center, intended for the reconditioning of clothing with a view to sustainability and circular economy.


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